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2021’s Range Rover Mark 5 – What you need to know

Whilst yet to be fully unveiled, the new Range Rover is highly anticipated and due for launch later in 2021. With Range Rover’s new direction described by Gerry McGovern, design chief at Land Rover, as “sleeker, smoother and sexier”, it’s no wonder that the Mark 5 is already creating a bit of a buzz, despite no official photos or video being released of the latest model yet.

A sleeker look

Prototypes of the new Range Rover have been spotted in testing in various parts of Europe, and whilst many of the features are still under wraps, we can see that the Mark 5 looks to have a more aerodynamic silhouette and slightly wider profile than its predecessor. The famous split tailgate remains, along with some of the classic and traditional Range Rover exterior styling, but overall the new model does look different enough to turn heads, whilst retaining some of the much-loved features that the Range Rover name is known for. It will be available in both normal and long-wheelbase forms.

The latest tech

As you would expect from a manufacturer with a reputation for innovation, the new Range Rover is likely to be fitted with the super-fast Pivi Pro infotainment system, including wi-fi, real-time navigation, over-the-air updates, digital instruments and secure vehicle tracking all controlled by a large touchscreen. Also home to hybrid assistance capabilities, air suspension, assisted motorway driving and, of course, a plethora of tech to support and enhance off-road as well as on-road performance, the Range Rover will benefit from voice activation features, smartphone app controls, route planning and more. With comfort a high priority as always, heated and ventilated massage seats, adjustable surface heating for armrests and door panels, make the Mark 5 a truly luxurious driving experience, without any compromise on performance.

Engine options

Whilst yet to be officially confirmed, it’s expected that there will be a range of mild and plug-in hybrid options, reportedly some offering up to 50 miles of emission-free driving without, along with your choice in petrol or diesel engine, meaning that you can choose the set-up that best suits your specific needs and requirements.

Practicality and reliability

The new Range Rover will keep the same spacious boot and passenger space of previous generations, with unmistakeable interior styling that means this is a vehicle just as ideally suited to farmers as it is to business executives and adventurous families. Expected to be just as popular as its predecessors, the Mark 5 will be both a step forward and a nod to classic heritage that Range Rover drivers worldwide already know and love.

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