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Charging your Jaguar I-Pace

The I-Pace is the first all-electric offering from Jaguar, and the first EV model to hit the market from a household name that has the ability to challenge Tesla’s dominance of the electric sphere. Promising the pace, style, and quality that you’d expect from any Jaguar model, the I-Pace is an electric SUV that offers both a long driving range, and plenty of power.

With the new I-Pace boasting the capability of being charged to around 80% of its capacity in less than 45 minutes, it’s not difficult to see why this model has made such a splash in the EV market. But, with electric cars still being something of a novelty for many people, how do you go about charging your I-Pace?

Charging your Jaguar I-Pace at home

You can charge your I-Pace via the plug-in charge point that is discreetly located behind the front wheel arch. Once plugged in, the I-Pace will stop charging automatically when it reaches 100%, meaning that your EV can fit around your life as you are free to leave your vehicle whilst on charge. In addition to this, it’s completely safe to charge the Jaguar I-Pace whilst it’s raining, or even if it’s covered in snow, as the charging system is entirely self-contained.

Each vehicle is equipped with a 7kW single phase AC on-board charger, which has the ability to fully recharge your I-Pace overnight and deliver up to 22 miles of range per hour. For optimum charging at home, you may wish to install an approved Jaguar wallbox, (please speak to your local Hatfields dealership about this) as the average domestic socket will charge your I-Pace slower than a wallbox (up to 7 miles of range per hour.) This said, a full overnight charge using a domestic socket should be more than enough to cover the average daily commute of 38 miles.

Charging your Jaguar I-Pace in public

There are currently around 8,600 public charging points around the UK, which vary between 50kW-60kW, and these chargers can generally deliver up to 168 miles of range per hour. There are also a multitude of charging points across the UK that allow you to charge your I-Pace for several hours, or even overnight. These include local shopping centres, hotels and gyms – we would recommend researching these options before making any long trip.

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