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Everything you need to know about the Jaguar I-Pace

With Tesla having dominated the luxury EV market up until now, the arrival of the I-Pace; Jaguar’s first all-electric offering and the first electric SUV model to hit the market from a household name, was highly anticipated. Showcasing the pace, power, style, and quality that we have come to expect from any Jaguar model, Jaguar’s I-Pace didn’t disappoint. The I-Pace has not only moved the goalposts in the electric car market, it also marks a significant step forward for Jaguar; but what are the key features of the new Jaguar EV? We’ve taken a closer look:

Jaguar I-Pace Design

Designed to marry the traditional styling of a coupe at the front with the sought-after benefits of an SUV, Jaguar have created a sporty, yet sophisticated, model in the I-Pace. The rear of the vehicle is designed in such a way that no wipers or wash system is required, and the slim door mirrors keep air resistance to a minimum.

Beneath the beautifully proportioned and ultra-modern detailing of the sleek I-Pace exterior, is acoustic laminated glass that allows you to immerse yourself in the driving experience, with no outside noise to distract you. Though, if you’re a fan of the roar of a traditional engine, the I-Pace includes an option that allows you to turn up electronic engine noise, at a variety of levels.

The interior of the I-Pace is clean and crisp with great visibility, combining the security you expect in an SUV with the elegance we have come to expect from Jaguar.

Jaguar I-Pace Technology

The I-Pace is powered by a pair of compact electric motors that are located on each axle, producing 395bhp and allowing the SUV to go from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds. Each vehicle is equipped with a 7kW single phase AC on-board charger, which has the ability to fully recharge your I-Pace overnight and deliver up to 22 miles of range per hour.

The new model also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to calculate remaining range based on the weather, traffic conditions and different driving styles. This ground-breaking AI technology factors in the number of occupants within the vehicle and adjust the climate control accordingly to make the car as efficient as possible whilst you drive.

Additionally, like most other electric vehicles, the I-Pace features adjustable, regenerative braking which can be changed via a button within the transmission controls on the centre console. This system slows the vehicle down and recharges the battery in the process.

Jaguar I-Pace Performance

With regards to performance, the focus has been directed heavily at the true range of the I-Pace. Naturally, factors such as outside temperature, on board weight, speed, terrain and wind resistance will always have an effect on the performance of a car, but the official range of the I-Pace is 298 miles, surpassing many other EVs on the market.

Charging times are also a big factor when looking at the I-Pace and depend highly on the charging port you’re using. The vehicle, as standard, comes with a multi-function charging cable, allowing you to charge from any regular 3-prong socket. If you decide to opt for the 7kw home charger, your I-Pace will charge from zero to full overnight, whilst the most common 50kw public charger will charge the car from zero to 168 miles in 60 minutes. Additionally, if you want an en-route top-up, that would mean 20 miles of range in around 5 minutes.

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