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Range Rover: When you reach the top, keep climbing…

To stay ahead, you keep improving. And when you’re the finest vehicle on the road, you find ways to be even finer.

Its new whisper-quiet Plug-In Hybrid (P400e) electrified power train is also capable of a mighty 404hp. It can give you reduced CO2 emissions – from just 64g/km – and whisk you from 0-60mph in 6.3 seconds. It’s capable of all this because it has an advanced 2.0 litre 300hp Si4 Ingenium petrol engine and a high capacity 85kW electric motor.

That means giving you a serene passage through town, for 31 miles without using any fuel. And with fuel, the Ingenium power can provide the traditional mountain-climbing, continent-crossing, river-wading Range Rover capabilities you’ve come to expect.









When you add total silence to the already world-famous serenity of the Range Rover interior, it’s a vehicle in which you can really hear yourself think.

Here’s something else to consider: The new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system. It uses two 10” touchscreen to give the driver and passengers everything they could wish for, intuitively and instantly.

As well as the new optional Rear Executive Class seats which provide passengers with even deeper, wider cushioning, to create a luxury four seat environment.