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Hey there good lookin’ – Volvo concept estate hints at a gorgeous future

According to Telegraph Luxury, the Volvo concept estate was possibly the best looking car to…

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Goodbye, hello – Bidding farewell to the Defender & buying a piece of history

The end of the Land Rover Defender is upon us, which means saying goodbye to…

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Have you seen the future? Hyundai reveals the Vision G concept car

Have you seen the stunning premium future of Hyundai? The company has unveiled the Vision…

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Manchester Evening News chooses Jaguar XE S over BMW rival

As the battle resumes between respected German automakers BMW and iconic British manufacturer Jaguar, the…

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JUNE 1st
for visits and viewing

Service departments already up and running

We’re delighted that we’ve been able to open our doors for customers again, following government guidelines.

All the PPE is in place, our staff have had their additional training and we are ready to welcome you and your vehicle. We have done everything to ensure that you can come to Hatfields with complete confidence that your safety is assured.

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