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5 Reasons To Buy From a Trusted Car Dealer

Buying a car is a big investment and with the car market being a varied and versatile place, this can make the decision about where to look for your new vehicle quite difficult. There are now several different ways to purchase a vehicle, but there are many benefits from making the decision to go to a specialist car retailer in person and seeing the vehicle(s) you’re interested in at close quarters and in the flesh.

Specialist Knowledge

A car broker or car supermarket may offer you a wide variety of makes and models of cars, however, this very thing can mean that the knowledge they have on individual vehicles and models of cars can be very limited. If you’re after expert advice, a manufacturer-specific car retailer will have comprehensive knowledge of the market and the models they have on offer. This will extend to the mechanical and technical details of their vehicles, which can really help you in making the right decision for your next car.

Comprehensive Warranties

Once you have made the decision to buy from a car retailer, the benefits continue to increase. When buying from other sources, especially with used vehicles, warranties can sometimes be very limited or shorter than seems wise. A specialist retailer will offer you greater security with their warranty in the unlikely event that anything should happen to your vehicle, because they conduct extensive tests and assessments before selling an approved used car. . This will include any remaining period of the manufacturer’s warranty, which can help give you real peace of mind.

Special Service

Whether you buy new or used, proper maintenance of your car is really important to keep it running well, ensure the warranty is validated and to help the vehicle retain as much value as possible in the time you own it.  At Hatfields, our mechanics are experts in the models we provide for our customers, whereas at many other car service centres, there is much more generalised knowledge, which can cause issues at times where specialist expertise is required for your specific car. Plus, when you decided to sell and move on to a different car, a full retailer service history keeps the valuation of your vehicle higher when compared to those that have been poorly maintained or when work has not been done by specialists.

Part Exchange

After a few years you may want to move on from your car and replace it with a newer model and part exchanging combines this process of selling your current car to help pay for your next one. This process is made easy with a specialist car retailer like Hatfields, where the valuation of your current car will be put forward towards your new vehicle. The retailer will make you an offer based on their valuation of your vehicle and this makes the day that you drive away in your new one really simple. You drive to the retailer in your existing vehicle, hand over the keys and drive away with your new one – all without the hassle and inconvenience of selling your car privately or through a generic car selling service.

Financing Options

When purchasing a car, funding arrangements might need to be considered and car retailers usually offer a wide variety of financing options, so there is something for everyone. Manufacturer retailers tend to have exclusive financing options which you are unlikely to receive from a car broker or another type of seller. By offering a range of financing option, it makes the buying process simple and stress-free, sending the customer home  with peace of mind that they have bought the right car for them.

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