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Can electric cars finally win over petrol-heads in 2020?

Whilst electric vehicle sales have gained momentum across the UK in the last few years, the general consensus from petrolheads has remained the same; “it’s a no from us.”

Even if an EV makes sense financially and practically, can it ever really win the hearts of the die-hard petrolheads? Can an all-electric model ever compete with the roar of an engine that builds like an orchestra as the revs rise?

Well, petrolheads might get their wish; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a report saying owners of electric cars should be able to choose the noise their vehicle makes. The road safety regulator claims that electric cars are so quiet at low speeds that they pose a danger to “blind and sighted pedestrians, as well as bicyclists”.

In the first draft of the NHTSA regulations that were released in 2016, manufacturers were only obliged to ensure that their EV’s made one type of sound when travelling at less than 30 kph (19mph). However, in response to requests from car makers, the NHTSA has suggested that vehicles be allowed to make several sounds, and big names in the industry are already keen to make themselves heard.

Mercedes AMG is working alongside with rock band ‘Linkin Park’ to create distinctive sounds for its electric vehicles, whilst Porsche offers a $500 (£400) upgrade to its Taycan sports car that boosts the volume of its electric motor to make it sound more like a petrol engine.

We’re yet to see how the I-PACE will fair against these new suggestions, but with Jaguar launching the first all-electric RACE eTAXI experience for thrill-seekers in Nürburgring Nordschleife, we already know that it is keen to inject some of the classic thrill that is so important to car enthusiasts back into their EV offerings.

So, could 2020 be the year that petrolheads finally succumb to the EV revolution? Only time will tell!

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