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Have you driven the I-PACE yet?

Sales of pure electric cars in the UK are up by more than 150% (year on year) at the time of writing, but still account for only around 1% of the new cars sold in this country at the moment. Clearly, many people are yet to be convinced that the time is right for them to switch to an electric vehicle (EV) and leave behind their internal combustion engine (ICE) days. Maybe the Jaguar I-PACE will help you make up your mind!

Range anxiety is a thing of the past

Many drivers hate the thought of running out of juice in an EV much more than the idea of running out of petrol or diesel in their conventional car. When the UK public charging network was in its infancy, this was an understandable attitude. You know where to find a fuel station, but how do you know if you can charge your EV up there too? And what about the amount of time it takes to charge your car up – compared to five minutes at the fuel pump with your current car.

Fortunately, things have moved on a great deal in the last few years and if you are on a journey that is longer than the 289 miles of WLTP range the I-PACE offers with a battery starting at 100% charged, you can take advantage of one of the 25,000+ publicly accessible EV chargers around the country. Around 5,000 of these are ‘Rapid’ chargers, delivering a rating of at least 50kW of DC charge, which can take your I-PACE from 0-80% in around 90 minutes. A 100kW rated DC rapid charger will take half that amount of time for the same result. About the same amount of time as grabbing some lunch or a coffee whilst you take a break from driving.

The I-PACE’s built in navigation can direct you to your closest EV charger, or you can use the Remote app to identify charging stations along your route before you start your journey.

How does the driving experience compare?

Because of the way that a pure electric drivetrain works, you generate maximum torque from a standstill, which results in some pretty impressive acceleration. There is no need for the car to cycle through the gears as with ICE vehicles, so many I-PACE drivers report an incredibly smooth ride from the first start.

With a low centre of gravity, thanks to the positioning of the battery pack, and the lack of heavy engine under the bonnet, the I-PACE delivers improved handling over many conventional petrol or diesel cars, giving a very stable ride and all the responsiveness you could want. The I-PACE is still very much a Jaguar!

Design and technology blended perfectly together

Unsurprisingly, the I-PACE offers a range of technologies, inside and out, which give all of the cutting-edge advancements you might expect from a luxury vehicle, but without losing any of the quality and refinement that Jaguar are known for.

With all wheel drive, enhanced brake regeneration and configurable dynamics being just some of the technologies employed in the I-PACE, isn’t it time that you took a second look?

To arrange an I-PACE test drive, contact your nearest Hatfields retailer.