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How often should I service my Jaguar?

Regular servicing of your Jaguar is an essential part of car maintenance, helping to ensure that you continue to enjoy the top performance and benefits of your vehicle for longer by keeping it in the best possible condition. Whether you have owned your Jaguar from new or purchased an approved used Jaguar, servicing to the correct interval can also help your car retain more of its value over time.

Every Jaguar model and specification comes with its own standard service interval plan, which is based on either the length of time since the last service or the number of miles that the vehicle has driven; whichever comes first. Some vehicles have a service indicator on the instrument panel that will display a message when you start the car if a service is due, but all Jaguars should undergo a service at least at the stated interval schedule noted in the car’s handbook.

Depending on whether your Jaguar is a petrol, diesel or electric vehicle, the service interval can vary, so it’s important to check your handbook to make sure you know when your book your car in. They are usually due every 12 months (or 24 months / 21,000 miles with the new Ingenium engines), but if you do more than the stated number of miles for your specific model in a year, your vehicle will require more frequent servicing.

Not every service carried out on your Jaguar will contain exactly the same elements, as some maintenance requirements are needed every service and others are carried out less frequently as standard. These are usually differentiated in your handbook by the name ‘A Service’ or ‘B Service’.