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How Regular Servicing Your Car Can Save You Money

Buying a car nowadays is not a one-off investment, to ensure your car in running smoothly it needs to be properly maintained. However, many drivers consider servicing an expense, and only take it for servicing if it is compulsory but keeping your car in prime condition can help you save money in both the short and long term. Some of these jobs are easy enough for you to carry out yourself but some others can be more technical where a mechanic may be necessary.

A Full Service

This comes without question as a full service inspects all potential issues that could occur. By taking your car for a full service it will give you a heads up of any renewal or changes that need to be made to keep your car’s engine at peak condition, this will ensure the car is running efficiently and no current issues get worse. You may also want to take your car to your main dealer where they will have a specialist mechanic to service it. This will give you greater benefits because they will look in specific problems that can occur with your model and give you advice on how you can avoid those issues, which will save you money.

Tyre Pressure

Well maintained tyres can play an important role in saving money, because, poor tyres can result in more energy and fuel consumed by your car, therefore it is wise to do as much you can to minimise that consumption. One way to do this is by ensuring the tyre pressure of your wheels are at the recommended level. If they are under inflated, they will tend to build more heat which will lead to the tyre wearing out quickly meaning you will have to replace them sooner. This is a simple task that can be carried by you. To do this, you merely have to invest in a tyre pressure gauge, or you can visit your local petrol station.

Fresh Oil

The oil of the engine is vital in ensuring the car runs smoothly. Without the oil it would cause chaos to the parts it helps lubricate, leading to the car not running at all. The oil also helps protect the car damage cause from various things like water and heat, which occurs during the running of the engine. Therefore, it is important to change the oil regularly to keep the engine running efficiently. New oil means less friction caused on the grinding parts leading to less wear and tear, and in turn rewarding you with consuming less fuel.

Keeps the Value High

After owning your car for some time, you may want to sell or trade it in for a newer model but you realise the value has depreciated more than you expected. Well, regular servicing at your local car retailer will help maintain some of its value. Keeping a full-service history especially at a mechanic who specialises in the model of your car will help you in the long-term. It will also save you money when you buy a new car. Insurance companies also track this, if the dreaded happens and your car is written off then you may receive a lower pay out from them as they would think the car hasn’t been properly cared for. So, contact Hatfields to book your next service.