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How to know when its time for a new car

Once you’ve had your car for a while you start to notice little issues that you didn’t have at first, which tend to lead to more visits to the mechanic and the car becoming more expensive to run over time. Recognising these signs early can help you understand whether you may need to purchase a new car, as well as save you money on maintenance.

Your Car Breaks Down More Often

After a while, most cars tend to have troubles that need to be addressed and the occasional breakdown can be perceived as normal. However, if this is becoming a regular occurrence then your car will start to become unreliable, and you may want to consider buying a new one. You don’t want this to happen whilst you’re in a rush or on a long journey on the motorway. Furthermore, regular breakdown repairs add up and can cost you thousands of pounds, when it would make more sense to replace it.

Emissions Test

With the move to making vehicles greener in order to help the planet, emission standards being on the rise make it harder for older cars to pass. This is because the older your car becomes it tends to put out more pollutants than newer models, and if your current car doesn’t pass an emissions test then it will be more difficult for it to pass next time around and may be damaging your pockets as you will need to replace the parts that are producing too many pollutants. When it comes to this it may be worth replacing your vehicle.

Repairs Cost too Much

Your first repairs may be minor things that you think nothing of, however, once they start to get expensive then you might want to think about getting a new car. This is when the costs are worth more than or similar price to the value of your car or even like a new car. As your vehicle ages and has one major break down, then chances are it will happen again.

Mileage too High

Once your car mileage reaches 100,000+ miles then your car will slowly start to lose the smoothness it had before. It won’t perform as well, and with most cars they start to develop major issues when they hit this milestone as it is huge wear for a vehicle, so when it gets to this stage then it may be time to consider buying a new car.

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