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How to Prolong the Life of Your Car

With the rising of fuel prices and the costly car repairs, so the last thing you want is that extra cost of your car breaking down. Therefore, looking after your car and having it properly maintained will get you far more miles from your investment.

Owner’s Manual

Every car has an owner’s manual provided in the glove box. Consider that book as your guide to taking good care of your car. The owner’s manual contains information on the car’s maintenance schedule such as planning for oil and filter changes, tyre rotations, and belt replacement. Keeping up with these maintenance schedules will allow you to keep your car performing well and avoid any costly breakdowns.

Oil Changes

Oil is the blood of your car, it pumps to the engine and keeps everything running smoothly, therefore regular oil changes are vital for proper maintenance. This kind of information can usually be found in your owner’s manual, with everything you need to know about how regularly you should perform this kind of maintenance. Ignoring this could cause serious damage to your car, so it’s important that you be aware of when to check this kind of thing.


Be wary of when you are eating in your car, it can be tempting to leave takeaways boxes and rubbish in the backseat where it is out of sight, but the smells can linger and get into the upholstery. If there is a lingering smell in your car then its going to bring down the value of your vehicle significantly. This is the same for the exterior of your vehicle, just ensure you wash your car on a regular basis, especially in the winter when road salts can damage the paint.

Drive like a Pro

The way you drive has a huge impact on how long you have any car. Driving in a proper manner such as avoiding slamming on brakes where you can or not speeding will ensure your car will last you longer. Be wary of your surroundings too, avoid potholes, slow down on speed bumps, and anything else that will minimise wear of your vehicle. Driving smoothly will definitely help you have your car for a longer period, save fuel, and minimise repair costs.

Get Repairs Done Fast

This is important as you do not want to postpone any repairs you might have because they can lead to serious damage to your car, which would in turn cost you a fortune. If any warning signs light up address the as soon as possible, and by doing this you are saving yourself a ton of money and keeping your car in top shape. At Hatfields we can help you check the health of your car and make sure everything is in working order, so why not contact us today to pre book your service