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New Year’s Resolutions Every Car Owner Should Have

As we all know, when coming to end of the year most people find it a great time to set themselves resolutions or goals to help better themselves throughout the upcoming new year. Maybe this year, you can take your car into consideration? This is a machine you use nearly every day; you can make yourself a better car owner and keep your car in the best possible condition.

Learn The Basics

Another thing that could help you massively is learning the basics for yourself. While there are some maintenance tasks that may needthe help of a skilled mechanic, there are also some simple tasks that you can do by yourself to keep your call well-maintained.

You can start small by replacing your windscreen wipers. This can be learned quickly and needs to be done twice a year. Other car maintenance that can be done without assistance from a mechanic is an oil change, checking tyre pressures, car battery maintenance, and changing the air filter. These are all small maintenance tasks that can be carried out by yourself and will save you money in the long-term.

Be Considerate to Other Drivers

All car owners know that driving can sometimes become frustrating whether that is due to traffic jams, motorway construction, learner drivers or anything else that makes our driving experience more difficult. Therefore, a new year’s resolution could be to be more patient, as these frustrating experiences can lead to road rage and cause accidents. One helpful tip on this would be to leave 15 to 20 minutes earlier for your destination so you can allow room for these potential factors.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

This may come naturally to some people, but for others this can be a challenge and the best way to start the year is by decluttering your car. For this to work you will have to be strict with yourself. Organise all your important papers and keep them in the glove box or another safe place, get rid of any old receipts, recycle any leftover bottles or papers. After that, you may want to give the interior of your car a deep clean and take your car through a car wash.

Not Neglecting Maintenance or Servicing

Now we know that this can sometimes feel like a chore to do but if you have been lenient with car maintenance in previous years you may want to get it booked in for a service. If you keep neglecting this and problems arise, they could end up becoming worse and more expensive. Some maintenance elements that you will need to look out for are oil changes, tyres, brake pads, gearbox, air filters etc. Regular servicing comes with a whole heap of benefits will help your car stay in top shape including the cars smoother operation and for longer, retain your car’s resale value and it will also save you more money.

This is something we can help you with at Hatfields, so why not contact us for your next service.