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New Land Rover Defender

Take a Look at the New 2020 Land Rover Defender

The 2020 Land Rover Defender was officially launched this month, with a brand-new take on the iconic original off-road vehicle first produced in the 1980s. Available in short (90) or long-wheel base (110 and 110 X), with a choice of petrol or diesel engines, along with hybrid technology, we take a look at what you can expect from the 2020 models.

2020 Land Rover Defender Design & Styling

Land Rover have ensured that the 2020 Defender includes the same iconic features that have made this model such a success over the years. The spare wheel still sits in its expected position on the tailgate, which opens in the same way as the original, but the all-new Defender offers a sleeker design aesthetic when it comes to the overall external look of this 4×4.

Choose from 170 optional features, including panoramic roof, gear carriers and roof racks, bright scuff plates, raised air intake, mud flaps, retractable roof and much more, with the various accessory packs, trim options and other choices available.

When it comes to interior styling, the flexibility of the 2020 Land Rover Defender means you can be ready for anything. You can sit three abreast in the front with the addition of an optional jump seat, which can be folded out of the way when not in use. Using various configurations with a long-wheel base model, you can seat up to seven people, or store up to 1,000 litres in the boot (900kg weight limit), another 350kg of cargo on the roof and tow up to 3.5 tonnes of weight. Truly multifunctional!

2020 Land Rover Defender Driving Features

The 2020 Defender also includes semi-autonomous driving features as options, including automatic emergency braking assist, lane-keeping assist and traffic sign recognition, as well as cruise control; and speed limiters.

Independent suspension (as opposed to the fixed axle of the previous Defender) allows you to easily alter for off-roading, with air suspension fitted as standard on 110 models. Increased ground clearance with the all-new D7x chassis helps you tackle rough ground with ease.

Whether you’re planning on regular off-roading, or simply want a smooth and comfortable road drive, the 2020 Land Rover Defender has you covered.

2020 Land Rover Defender Technology

The highly effective clear sight rear view mirror (also seen on the latest Land Rover Discovery Sport) uses a camera view from the rear of the vehicle, so it doesn’t matter if your view is obscured due to passengers, luggage or other cargo. You can also use it as a normal mirror at the flick of a switch.

With a 10-inch infotainment touchscreen, seamlessly working with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and sat-nav that updates using SOTA (Software-Over-The-Air) technology to keep you fully connected and heading in the right direction. You can also add an optional 12.3-inch digital driver display, which projects 3D navigation directly in your line of sight.

ClearSight Ground View technology, first seen on the Range Rover Evoque, uses cleverly placed cameras at the front of the vehicle to project the view onto the infotainment system – enabling the driver to see what they are about to drive into or over.

As mentioned previously, the range of options is extensive, enabling you to set up your new 2020 Land Rover Defender in the best possible way for your use and requirements. From a family vehicle to a rugged off-roader with everything you need to tackle any terrain or conditions, this is a 4×4 that really delivers.

To find out more about when and how you can order a 2020 Land Rover Defender, contact your nearest Hatfields retailer.