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What to expect from Range Rover in 2021

The original Range Rover may be more than 50 years old, but the revolutionary off-roader is all set for it’s much-heralded fifth generation in 2021. Having changed the way that people think about off-roaders, the Range Rover shows that you don’t need to compromise on comfort and luxury in order to enjoy all of the benefits of off-road capabilities.

Whilst the new model is still mainly under wraps until the official launch later in 2021, there are some details on what we can expect from the new generation vehicle.

The trademark tall shape and the deep wide grille, along with the split rear tailgate, are retained from the Range Rover’s predocessors, but new slim headlights and stacked rear lights bring a subtle change to the exterior.

However, the most significant changes with the new model are with the technology and structure. The new underpinnings are both lighter and stronger, and a new steering system is designed to make around-town manoeuvres a breeze. With petrol, diesel, mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid options available, drivers of the new Range Rover could have the choice of a hybrid that enables up to 50 miles of electric range before needing to use any conventional fuel. With both normal and long-wheelbase versions to choose from, the 2021 Range Rover is set up to be the ideal vehicle for town and country as well as urban environments.

The interior of the 2021 Range Rover is packed with useful and journey-enhancing technology, including digital instruments and displays, a 10 inch touchscreen, wi-fi, vehicle tracking, driver assistance and safety systems along with over-the-air (OTA) updates so that new features can be enabled without the vehicle needing to visit a dealer.

We can’t wait for our first look in person at the new model in 2021 and once pre-orders are announced, you will be able to find out more about the new Range Rover and arrange a test drive via your local Hatfields retailer.