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Why buy an approved used car?

If you’re looking for a used car, it can feel like a bit of risk buying privately or from a car hypermarket or independent dealer. You’re entrusting the safety of you and your family to those four wheels, so you want to be sure that your new purchase won’t let you down. For those looking for a quality vehicle with a known history, an approved used car can be a great way to ensure you’re getting a drive you can trust. Read on to find out some of the top benefits of choosing an approved used car from Hatfields.

What makes an approved used car different from another used car?

Used cars can come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and you can never be entirely sure how it has been driven in the past or whether there are any underlying mechanical issues that could come back to bite you.

Approved used cars from Hatfields have undergone a wide variety of checks to meet the manufacturer’s own standards, whether it’s a Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover or Volvo. We place our reputation on the quality of the cars we offer, so you can trust that every approved used car we sell meets all of the essential criteria required.

What benefits do you get with an approved used car that you wouldn’t get with a privately bought used car?

Buying a used car privately can be a risk. Essentially, you have to buy the vehicle ‘as seen’, so you need to decide if the car is fit for purpose when you hand your money over. There is no legal comeback if you buy it and later find out it has serious mechanical problems or other issues you didn’t know about.

The legal protections and consumer rights you have when buying an approved used car are totally different! With an approved used car from Hatfields, you get the remainder of the original manufacturer’s warranty, depending on the age of the vehicle, or an additional warranty to give you peace of mind that you’re covered for any of the included components or issues for a period of time.

We also ensure that every one of our used cars has a comprehensive history check that verifies mileage, that the vehicle is finance-free at the point of sale and any crash or theft history. This is in addition to our multi-point checks on each car to make sure it’s up to our high standards of performance and condition.

Many of our approved used cars have low mileage and we often know the full service history and background of these vehicles, with many of them having been maintained by our own team since the car was new.

To find your next top quality approved used car, contact your nearest Hatfields retailer.