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5 things every Land Rover owner will understand

It’s a well-known fact that once you own a Land Rover, you rarely go back to another vehicle. Distinctively different, the Land Rover comes with much more than just that iconic oval badge and a great exterior. There’s an entire community of dedicated Land Rover owners, old and new, out there who have their own set of rules and quirks when it comes to owning such a great vehicle – are you one of them?

These are the 5 things that every Land Rover owner will understand.

  1. You can never help yourself telling everyone how amazing your car is

You’ve joined every Land Rover community group you can find on Facebook, trawled through endless Rover fan accounts on Instagram and taken so many pictures of your car that you’ve lost count. No matter how long you’ve had your Land Rover for, we know for a fact you can never stop telling people how amazing these cars are – and that they should get one for themselves! They don’t call it the best 4×4 for nothing.

  1. That feeling of knowing you’re owning something with amazing heritage

Any devout Land Rover owner can sit there for hours (and hours!) just to tell you all about the history and heritage behind the Land Rover. You know all about the story involving Maurice Wilks drawing that all-important sketch in the sand on a beach in Anglesey 70 years ago, and the years in which the most iconic models were released!

  1. The (bittersweet) feeling you get when you see the bill from the garage

Notoriously more complicated and expensive to maintain than many lesser vehicles, the Land Rover is a cruel mistress when it comes to MOTs and repairs. You love it so much, though, that digging into your pocket to take care of it isn’t too much of a chore. It’s all part of the beauty of the beast – you wouldn’t have it any other way.

  1. You constantly have an itch to kit your Land Rover out with something new

From fresh paint jobs and new folding steps to decals and stickers – you’re always on the lookout for things to make your Land Rover stand out from the rest.

  1. You know all the unwritten rules of the Land Rover ownership code

See a Land Rover with its hazards on? Stop and see if the driver needs some help. What do you do when another Land Rover drives past? You wave hello, obviously. See a free parking spot next to another Land Rover? You park next to it, of course – but not too close, watch those doors! We love that the Land Rover community is bound by their love for this wonderful car, and there are so many quirks and customs that owners share!