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Best Ways to Help You Retain Your Car’s Value

Buying a car used to be a long-term commitment, however, with newer models coming out and financing options allowing you to exchange it for a newer and fresher model has become the norm. Due to this reason, cars lose their value quicker than before, therefore, it would be good idea to take extra care when looking after your car so that its value is high as it can be.

Regular Service

One way to ensure your car retains resale value is by investing in a full-service history. Not only will this help you keep the value high but ensure that your car will run smoothly during the time you own it. A simple way to enhance this process is by taking your car to a specialist in the brand of your car. Mechanics here will have a comprehensive knowledge of your car and will be able to assist you thoroughly throughout the servicing process where they can tackle potential issues before they occur or give you advice on looking after your car, which in turn would keep the value of your car higher compared to a generalised service and benefit you in the long run.

Keep the Exterior Shining!

This one may go under the radar for many car owners as it doesn’t strike as an obvious option, but regular and proper cleaning of your car will benefit you in the long-term. This is important for two reasons – paintwork and corrosion. Keeping the paintwork of your car in good condition will help maintain resale value. Mainly, because over time the paintwork can fade and lose colour especially if it hasn’t been properly cared for and corrosion caused by dirt and grime can quickly build if it has been neglected making it harder to remove. Therefore, a regular wash and polish is vital in keeping your cars original sparkle.

Keeping the Mileage Low

Now this may be obvious but the more you drive your car the more mileage you will accumulate and that will have an influence on its value. Whilst this may be difficult as you may need to use your car for various things, but small restrictions will help massively along the way. These can be not using your car on short journey’s or restrict days where you do not use it at all such as weekends. By doing this, your car will be higher value when it comes to resale, you will reduce your carbon footprint and save more money on fuel.

Sweat the Small Stuff

There may be a time where you or someone may damage your car ever so slightly whether this is a small part falling off in the interior, or a small dent or scratch on the exterior and you may not think much of it, but the reality is that you should as this can have an impact on your car’s resale value and the dent in value could be significant. You should tackle problems like this as soon as possible because it may end up making the issue much worse and could lead to costing you more than it would have originally. If you would like to know the how much your car is worth why not use our car valuing tool – https://hatfields.co.uk/value-my-car/