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Jaguar I-PACE is now smarter and faster charging

The world’s first premium all-electric performance SUV; the Jaguar I-PACE now offers a new fast, intuitive infotainment system and quicker charging capability, making owning and driving an electric vehicle easier than ever.

The Jaguar I-PACE at a glance

Since its launch in 2018, the Jaguar I-PACE has won over 80 global awards, including World Green Car, the Golden Steering Wheel award for best SUV and the coveted World Car of the Year in 2019.  Designed with safety at the helm and awarded the maximum five-star EuroNCAP rating, the I-PACE offers the luxury and agility that Jaguar is synonymous with, whilst still providing real-world range and day-to-day usability.

Its combination of sports car performance, zero emissions, exceptional refinement, and all-wheel drive SUV usability and practicality already made the Jaguar I-PACE a truly stand out vehicle, so these improvements are really just the icing on the cake.

Pivi Pro infotainment system

The I-PACE is the first Jaguar model to feature the new Pivi Pro infotainment system, which promises to be fast, responsive and as intuitive to use as a smartphone. With enhanced EV navigation that should show you if nearby charging stations are available or in use, what they cost and how long it will take to charge, the I-PACE  is set to make living the electric life simpler and more rewarding than ever.

Stephen Boulter, the Jaguar I-PACE vehicle engineering manager, said: “The Pivi Pro infotainment system makes it easy to use public charging networks. As well as showing where charging stations are it can also tell you if they’re available, what they cost to use, and an estimate of charging time. We know that most customers charge their I-PACE at home, but we wanted to make charging on the go just as simple – and our new infotainment system makes that possible.”

11kW on-board charger

As well as the Pivi Pro system, the I-PACE also comes with an 11kW on-board charger as standard, which means that customers who have access to three-phase electricity supplies will notice significantly faster charging.

Speaking about the updates, vehicle line director Alan Volkaerts said: “when we developed the I-PACE we wanted it to be the world’s most desirable electric vehicle and to show what happens when Jaguar goes electric. I think we’ve achieved those ambitious goals, and now we’ve made it even better with a new infotainment system, three-phase charging and technology that benefits driver and passengers alike. We’ve also subtly enhanced the design with an Atlas Grey finish to the grille mesh and with the new Bright Pack option. I-PACE was the first premium all-electric performance SUV: every change we’ve made ensures that it’s still the benchmark in its class.”

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