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Should I go electric?

For many drivers, one of the main concerns they have about switching to an electrical vehicle (EV) is the concern that they may run out of power mid-journey, when they are not close to a charge point, which is known as ‘range anxiety’. Studies show that 98% of all single-trip journeys are under 50 miles in distance, but as everyone’s driving style, habits and journeys are different, it’s understandable that drivers might want some assurance that an electric car, such as the incredible Jaguar I-PACE, is suitable for their lifestyle; this is where the Go I-PACE app comes in.

What does the Go I-PACE app do?

Go I-PACE is a mobile app that was developed to collect and analyse data as you drive your regular journeys. This data enables the app to calculate key statistics about your driving needs in relation to potentially driving the I-PACE and delivers the information to your device. You can see how much of the I-PACE’s battery range you would use for your normal journeys, along with other important information, such as potential cost savings on fuel, the location of nearby charge points and how often you might need to charge the Jaguar I-PACE if you were to drive one.

How does Go I-PACE work?

The Go I-PACE app works by using your mobile device’s location service to track and log individual journeys. It has been developed to distinguish different modes of transport so the data logged should be highly accurate.

Using real-world fuel costs and electricity prices from accredited sources, along with your current car’s fuel economy, the app can show you how much money you would save on fuel for your journeys if your car were powered by electricity rather than petrol or diesel.

You can also view how much of the battery range percentage you would use for each of your journeys if you were driving an I-PACE; so, on longer trips, you can see how many times (if any) that you would need to stop and charge up your car along the way. For your usual daily driving, you can use the Go I-PACE app to see how many times per week or month you would need to charge the car, in order to use an electric car in exactly the same ways that you use your current vehicle now.

Try out the free Go I-PACE app and then test drive an I-PACE for real

You can download and use Go I-PACE for free on your Android or Apple device, with no registration required. Once you have tried the app for a few weeks and can see how the I-PACE could fit into your life, and how much you could be saving on fuel costs, you can contact your nearest Hatfields retailer to book an I-PACE test drive.