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The Cost of Electric Cars

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular and one of their main selling points is their low running costs as well as being less harmful for the environment.

What are the actual costs of owning an electric car? Just like your conventional petrol or diesel cars, electric cars are available in a variety of sizes meaning that their running costs also vary depending on factors such as battery size, insurance etc.

Charging Costs

Conventional cars charge you to fill up the tank of your car whether that is petrol or diesel, however, you may be surprised to find out across the UK there are some electric car charging points that are free to use. Although, there are charging points that you may need to pay for, but when compared to filling a fuel tank the cost benefits are surprisingly pleasant. There is both home charging and public charging, and home charging is more convenient than public; the payment of the home charging will appear on your home electricity bill.

As of today, the average electricity price per kWh in the UK is around £0.17. When compared to diesel (£1.50) and petrol (£1.47) it is much cheaper.

Price of the Car

Electric cars tend to be pricier to buy than a petrol or diesel equivalent car, but this is compensated with their low running costs.

What it is worth noting is that you pay £0 road tax on electric vehicles because they produce zero emissions. This has huge costly advantages for you in the long term, especially if you live in London as you don’t have to worry about paying congestion charges.


Electric cars need less maintenance when compared to conventional cars, and this is due to having fewer moving components. Therefore, this makes the servicing of the car cheaper when compared with petrol or diesel equivalent car. This difference in price is reflected in the price of the manufacturer service packages, with electric cars usually having a cheaper plan. Electric car’s brake pads and discs last longer compared to non-electric cars, because the regenerative braking system take most of the force, which is a great advantage as these parts in conventional cars are a big expense. However, one disadvantage of electric cars may be that over time the car battery will not hold charge as well as a new battery and could need changing.

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