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Jaguar F-PACE or Land Rover Defender? Which is better for Road Trips?

The latest Jaguar F-PACE and Land Rover Defender are two performance-based models that make them ideal for road trips. Whether you’re adventuring in the windy Highlands or the salty coasts of the West Country both cars have their own perks when travelling.

Design & Appearance

The Land Rover Defender is a beast of a vehicle, boasting a big, boxy, and hard-to-miss appearance. The size and shape of the car gives an indication of its off-road ability, making it a useful car for all sorts of terrains. The side operating rear door can also carry a spare wheel, allowing you to have more space in the car.

On the other hand, the Jaguar F-PACE has a design that leans towards a sportier look. The front of the car has a similar appearance to other Jaguar models with the rounded grille and slim headlight design, making it a comfortable and luxurious drive for long road trips.


In comparison to previous Land Rover Defenders, the most recent models of this car have taken a more lavish approach to the design and engineering choices. Land Rover has pulled off an impressive blend of luxury and functionality, with the practical robustness of the vehicle and the beautiful stylistic features making it an excellent drive. The F-PACE, just like the exterior, offers a sportier feel with seats that that sit lower than usual and a cabin that is likely to give you a performance led feeling.

Performance & Capability

The Land Rover Defender D240 engine uses a twin turbo charged 2.0 litre diesel engine, as well as producing 240bhp with 430Nm of torque. The torque figure plays the most important role in a car such as this becomes the pulling power which helps it on rougher surfaces. On the road, this car it is clean and refined while giving you more than enough power daily driving on your road trips.  The Defender also comes in plug in hybrid option for the more eco-minded driver.

The F-PACE features hybrid assistance to help with fuel economy for both petrol and diesel options, and a plug-in hybrid option in the P400e model that offers up to 33 miles of electric only distance. You also have the option to choose the more powerful engine in the hybrid assistance model, which boasts a six-cylinder, 3 litre traditional engine.

Driving experience

The driving experience of the Defender is split into two distinct ways – on-road and off-road. Unlike its previous models on-road driving of the newer models have improved drastically. On difficult routes driving of the Defender does not weaken, as it can drive up steep inclines and rough surfaces without faltering.

The F-PACE does not fall short compared to the Land Rover Defender when comes to the driving experience. The sporty SUV has the great suspension and throttle response settings for when the driving conditions change. Similarly, the F-PACE also does not falter when navigating up steep inclines.

Both models provide great driving experience for travelling that make them ideal for road trips, with both cars being roomy and having their own distinct benefits it becomes a hard decision to choose either one for roads trips. Contact Hatfields to pre-book your test drive.