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Should I Buy a New, Nearly New or Used Car?

Buying a car is a lengthy investment and an important decision. Today, there is a huge amount of choice when looking for cars which makes the decision even harder, whether it’s brand new, nearly new or used.

There are pros and cons of every car, but the deciding factor that may influence your decision will most likely be your budget. The latest models tend to be much more expensive which may limit you to consider a used car. However, there are nearly new models that are like buying first-hand models at a more affordable price. However, modern finance packages have also made new cars more affordable, and this article will guide you in deciding to buy a car whether it is new, nearly new, or used.

New or Nearly New

Now you may decide that a new car might be the one for you, you may want to take into consideration a nearly new model. These are cars that can be up to 3 years old but in most cases only a few months old and are put into service as demonstrator or loan vehicles so may simply sit in a showroom, which means they tend to have low mileage. For this reason, they are sold as nearly new and at a much lower price than brand new models. Choosing nearly new does restrict you when considering specification, colour, and other extras but you may end up getting a good deal for one. Another factor is that buying a nearly new car isn’t the risk it once was due to cars being built to last much longer, so you don’t need to worry about the car having early faults that may come back to haunt you financially.

However, your heart may still be set on buying a brand-new model and there are many benefits to brand new cars. Buying yours fresh from the dealership means that car has come directly to you, so  you know the car’s history, and you won’t need to bother yourself with checking the finer details. Newer models will also have the latest tech, which could include enhancements to the driving of the car, improved audio, and graphics to navigation systems. Many new cars now come with voice control features that allow you to keep your hands on the wheel and drive safer. You can also customise your car if you buy it brand new so you can have a car that’s specific to your needs or wants, however, this tends to come at an extra cost.

Used Cars

However, you may not be tempted by newer cars, and decide on buying a used car instead. Many car manufacturers now provide you with lengthier warranties due to how well they are built. Many car retailers also assure used car buyers are getting a quality, thoroughly inspected car at a reasonable price. They will also carry out anything you notice and provide you with a warranty and financing if needed. However, bear in mind the older the car the more expensive it’s maintenance will be. At Hatfields, we have a variety of new and used cars in stock so contact us for a test drive.